1. How do I place my order from the wish list?

Head over to wish list and proceed to check out. You will find the option to check out. 

2. Who do i contact to get my order status?

You will have order updates in your mailbox. For more queries , you can reach out to support@adent.io

3. How do i cancel my order?

Please reach out to support@adent.io to get more information on the orders

Shipping & Returns:

1. Will my order be discrete ?

yes, the packaging will be discrete and will not contain details.

2. How do I track my order?

You will have the details of the order in the email. To know more you can reach out to contact@adent.io 

3. Is the order worldwide ?

Our suppliers will deliver throughout the world. There would be shipping charges however. 

4. What are the shipping charges?

Shipping charges entirely depend on the country you are in. 


1. What payment forms do we accept ?

You can checkout using PayPal and Stripe . 

2. What if my payment goes though but order is not placed ?

Normally, this does not happen since we monitor the activity throughout. 
however, you can reach out to contact@adent.io

3. My preferred payment form is not shown?

Reach out to contact@adent.io for other substitutes.